Code Of Ethics

NDHRA members are dedicated to advancing the reputation and integrity of our industry as a beneficial and respected trade by adhering to a Code of Ethics. We strive for excellence within our association by continually developing our knowledge and skills, and fostering the advancement of our fellow members.


NDHRA Members shall:

  • act and advise with the best interests of our customer foremost, with regard to the safety and well being of the patient in relation to contact with handpieces.
  • disclose immediately and fully, any potentially unsafe condition discovered during the course of a repair.
  • be fair and non-deceptive in all statements and communication with our customers, and provide meaningful repair options when indicated or requested.
  • provide service only within our area of competence, being honest and forthright about any limitations in skill or training.
  • strive for the highest quality repair, with reasonable cost, and fastest possible return, ensuring that any compromise in performance is communicated clearly.
  • establish and maintain a mutually beneficial, long term, business relationship with each client, building a foundation for continued trust and confidence.
  • courteously and promptly adjust any cause for dissatisfaction until the customer is completely satisfied.

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